Ping Travers Bag Review 2021

Golf is all about classes! I’m sure only a few people will disagree with me. All golfers whether professional or occasional players try to create their own ideas, whether you agree or not. So, although the golf bag is not the necessary tool to start your golf journey, it is essential to make your impression. And this ping traverse cart bag review will definitely help you with that.

No golfer wants to be a clown among his golf fellows. Why did I say that? Because everyone you know will laugh at you and if you attend a golf course without a golf bag. They also have the advantage of golf bags and the best golf bag for push carts.

Ping Travers Bag

Product Details:

The Travers bag is newly designed with a 14-way divider organizer to keep the bag in shape and has 2 large wells to accommodate larger putter grips. The bag has a soft-edged front-facing lift handle, integrated trunk handle for easy lifting in your mode of transport. It has a profoundly sturdy development produced using little precious stone tear stop polyester to guarantee dependable sturdiness and execution.


  • Dividers: 14
  • Pockets: 10
  • Weight: 2.50kg
  • 14-way separated top with full-length dividers gives careful club association
  • High-influence polypropylene and Air Mesh-cushioned dividers give unmatched club protection
  • Integrated delicate shaped lift handle makes lifting simple
  • Redesigned truck lash channel permits simple admittance to pockets
  • Molded cross base plan fits mechanized and pushes/pull trucks
  • Cart-tie channel permits simple admittance to pockets
  • Umbrella holder and top cover included
  • Ping


  • It’s lightweight, simpler to move with it even with full burden.
  • Durable handle permits taking enough burden without splitting away.
  • The streetcar lash permits admittance to all pockets.
  • Stunning and tasteful plan.


  • Air mesh is not that durable.
  • The beverage pockets are not waterproof.
  • All zippers are made of plastic.


If you plan to use a cart bag, the Ping Travers cart bag may be the best option for you. You will get almost everything you need. Excellent looks, adequate storage, and durability – what more could you want? Hopefully, this is another cart bag review you will find the famous golf bag and the best golf bag for push carts blog site, you are looking for. Cheers!

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